Our amazing Beach Bar Concept is designed to fit in any public or commercial space no matter its size.

Fully customizable, we bring everything from our state of the art bar equipment, wide range of seating to the soft white sand that makes our pop up bar unique.

We regularly update our equipment and try innovative changes to the look and layout to keep things fresh. But our mojito Beach bar is not just a picture-perfect venue for every town centre but has shown to increase footfall to local shops and businesses during the quieter summer months. We attract visitors from far and wide who love the holiday feel we deliver.

We have years of experience and have the set-up and take-down down to a T with minimal impact to local shops and businesses and each grain of sand accounted for.  With a tailored local events program such as live music, DJ sets, local artists and more, Mojito Beach Bars has exceeded previous visitor numbers year on year.